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Living with the Greatests

No More LullabiesMusho! Zulu Popular Praises There is a notion that prevails, a notion by the powers that be to copyright our liberation struggle, to credit everything event in our struggle the results of ANC intuition. Nelson Mandela did not fight the struggle, he served twenty seven years. During the treason trial, he was not the only man on trial as he was not the only man who served the twenty seven years. As there are many other – nameless – who vanished. The nameless that like the Great Serengeti migration paid for the toll to cross.

This little fact prevails in aspects of our lives to be recognised in any contribution of our daily South African lives, one has to have an affiliate with the ruling party and thus our rich past/brutal history is misrepresented. Such is this Icon of Black Consciousness; Mafika Pascal Gwala.

He is not forgotten and during the National Arts Festival 2014, the nations’ prominent contemporary poets honoured Mafika Pascal Gwala with warm hearts by giving him a tribute performance, reading from his published works before his face and the face of those that were present to honour the father of Black Conscious and the poet of our poets. Vonani Bila, David wa Maahlamela, Robert Berold, Lesego Rampolokeng, Napo Mashiane performed and Kabelo Mofokeng. Each chose three poems from the two collections, Jol’iikomo and No more lullabies
Vonai Bila perfomed The children of Nonti, a call to arms poem that one would think that it is about family but it is about the nation:

        … The children of Nonti will stand
        Their grounds in the way that Nonti speared his foes
        To free his black brothers from death and woes;
        They shall fight with a tightened grip
        Of a cornered pard. For they shall be knowing that
        Nothing is more vital than standing up
        For the Truths that Nonti lived for.
        Then shall there be Freedom in that stand
        By the children of Nonti.

It is not only the poetry that he blessed us with but the consciousness he brought to the unconscious ignorant little black minds.

Mafika Gwala: A gift to the nation on the 5th of October 1946.

I profess love, appreciation and grateful that I celebrate your life while you are alive.

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