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10 years ago to this day


There are milestones in life, all most all beyond our mental comprehension that we never realise and few so manageable that we can celebrate. We think that it is a milestone, a mark of history. Take your wedding anniversary for instance. All the hard work you put into that wedding day and the money that you parted with just to feed, drown your family and friends in liquor. But you forget the first milestone that led to you organising a wedding. The day he met you or that day she accepted your love or the day of the official wedding, so which one is the milestone?

Room 207Room 207 was poured into the public sphere 10 years ago. So what? It is not special, there were nearly four hundred books of fiction that were published that year. Excuse me for my cynicism; I have lived with being cynical all my life.

A boy announces that he is celebrating his birthday and the cynicks ask him, “Why don’t you celebrate the day you got conceived.” That is me putting it mildly, his phrasing was extra hot, not meant for the likes of you. “Better still why don’t you celebrate the day your mother said yes to your father because look at your mother and look at your father. Something is definitely wrong. So why don’t you celebrate that miracle because without it you would not have been here.”

“Better still, why don’t you celebrate the tiny bravery that came to your father to utter those beautiful words. Better still why don’t you celebrate the school that brought them together because without which, you wouldn’t be here.” The cynical bastard.

But because I like words. I love words; they have meaning to me more than the sum of you. The mark?

Is it Room 207?

Is it the school of individuals who taught me to read and write?

Is it me and the day I was born?

Is it that day of copulation?

Is it that day she said yes?

Or the conditions that made her say yes?

Is it the bravery that surged and force him to utter the words?

I don’t know. I am sorry I don’t know. Because it is always easy to say that the wedding was the milestone. Really? That is why we mark it and have anniversary celebrations, but that was the worse day of your life. The eight months to a year of preparation, and all you did was sit there in front of your quests, holding your heart and hoping that nothing went wrong. The only people who enjoyed your wedding day were the quests, they ate, they drank and they danced into the early morning hours, probably the main three things that they will remember forever about your wedding.

This is the fact of life: the greatest and the most wonderful moments of our lives are lived and neglected because we will be so absorbed in our perceptions or focusing to really appreciate the Greatest Moment of life.

This Greatest Moment of life is only for fools to pin down and mark. It is for the miserable couple to celebrate an anniversary, as the wedding was the mark for greater things coming, a celebration without an end. And whoever celebrates a birthday neglects all the Greatest Moments that came after the birthday.

This is that moment of Greatness; I pause, think and remember, relive and replay, for every moment of this life I treasure, I celebrate everyday for everyday is a milestone and I, I am a Milestone.

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